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enjoy eatalian in the heart

of the capital!


The Eataliener for everyone - that's WE!

Would you like to enjoy Italian delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere?

Then you are exactly right here! You come alone or as a couple, with your colleagues to a business meeting or with the whole family to celebrate a nice party - we have a suitable place for every occasion.

From antipasti to salads, pasta and dolci to (up to) our distinctive pizzas from the Woodstone oven. Some dishes are also available in two sizes, our giant pizzas are ideal for sharing, also with two differently topped halves.


With us you are sure to find the right thing for your taste!


We look forward to your visit!

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You don't have to make a reservation! You can also come by spontaneously at any time! If you are more than 6 people, please call shortly beforehand!


Yes, in summer when the weather is nice we have a spacious "Schanigarten" which is mostly covered with an umbrella system. With almost 90 seats, we are also able to provide larger table combinations!


You can find us at Praterstraße 31, 1020 Vienna in the Galaxy Tower (the tower on which the Samsung advertising is on the roof) on the ground floor.


You can find our opening times in the menu bar under Contact.


You are welcome to bring your dog. No problem for us.

We just ask you to put him on a leash

as other dogs and children could be on site.


The best way to reach us is with the U1, Nestroyplatz station - Komödiengasse exit. In the middle of the platform there is also a lift with which you can get to Praterstraße without barriers. The bus line 5A also stops opposite the eatalico in Schrottgießer Gasse.


You can also have your favorite food delivered to you. Our partner mjam delivers for us as long as you live in the delivery area. You can check that on the mjam homepage. It is of course faster and easier if you call us and pre-order. Normally, your dishes are ready for collection after a quarter of an hour at the latest. You can also order first on site and enjoy an aperitif while waiting.


In 2015-2016 we had another one at Dr. Karl Lueger Platz.

Currently there is only one eatalico.


The eatalico first opened in January 2012 at its current location. In December 2018 the fire in the oven went out and it became a burger restaurant out of an economic decision. However, this could not prevail at this location, as our guests' longing and reluctance for pizza e pasta was too great.

Due to an emotional decision, the eatalico was reopened in November 2019. And it stays that way now! Promised!


Our main beer (Ottakringer Helles) is in the two tanks. Each tank holds 500 liters and is filled with a beer tank truck using a hose. The beer is pumped out of the tank by means of compressed air, so only very little carbon dioxide needs to be added and is therefore very drinkable.


Unfortunately we cannot offer you parking spaces for guests. There are some public parking garages in the vicinity, but they are chargeable. Please note that there is a paid short-term parking zone Mon-Fri (except on public holidays) from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the entire 2nd district. Perhaps as a little tip: the short-term parking zone on Praterstrasse (as it is a shopping street) ends at 6 p.m. Parking between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. is also chargeable on Saturdays!


Yes, eatalico is barrier-free. The toilets are also very spacious.


Of course we have high chairs in the restaurant for the kids. We also have many tables with benches that are suitable for our young guests.







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You are welcome to order your pizza with two different toppings / half.

The more expensive half is always charged. Half a pizza alone is not possible


We only use wheat flour, water, salt, sugar, olive oil and yeast for our pizza dough. Our dough is therefore vegan.


Our pizza has a diameter of approx. 40 cm. Ideal for sharing.


We bake your pizza in a Woodstone pizza oven. It is a gas-fired stone oven in which we reach a baking temperature of up to 300 ° C. The furnace is walled in and weighs about 2.5 tons.


Our pizzas are only available in one size!


Unfortunately we cannot offer you the pizza gluten-free. We have already tried, but cannot guarantee constant quality (and also exclude contamination with "normal" flour).


Due to the quality and production, we do not offer them with whole grain dough either.


Without cheese and topped with the right ingredients, you can also order a vegan pizza, because our dough is vegan! Please let one of our employees know when you order.


For the same reasons as with pizza, we don't have gluten-free pasta.

Alternatively, we always have a risotto on the menu that is prepared gluten-free.


Our pasta is prepared without eggs and is therefore vegan with the right "sauce" or ingredients. Please let one of our employees know when you order.








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